Frequently asked questions

What is Earth From Another Sun?

Earth From Another Sun is a PC and Console game about conquering the galaxy. The emphasis is on planetary surface battles, played in first-person perspective. You are the commander of your own space-faring faction, and during battles you command your troops as well as engage your enemies directly.

Is the galaxy in EFAS an open world?

Yes, but not in the traditional sense of the phrase "open world". The galaxy in Earth From Another Sun is large, with many planets and other locations to explore. You are free to go wherever you please (provided that you clear or sneak past blockades). Going on to the surfaces of planets is not continuous, and there will be loading screens.

When will the game be finished?

We are well into the production phase of the project and we are making better progress than we had anticipated. The game will enter into Early Access some time in 2021, and the plan is to leave Early access by the end of 2021.

Are there special perks for participating in your crowdfunding?

Absolutely! We think crowdfunding participants are taking on more risk than people who wait until a game is finished to make a purchasing decision, and should therefore be rewarded handsomely for taking on this risk. There will be a variety of crowdfunder-exclusive rewards, including character models, weapons, vehicles and abilities that will never be available again after the conclusion of the crowdfunding period.

Who are you and what have you made before?

Our studio is called Multiverse, and we are backed by a number of renowned institutional venture capital funds. We are currently a team of 40 people, based in the US, Canada, China, France, and South Korea, all working remotely. Prior to EFAS, we have made Reveries: Dream Flight and Seeking Dawn, both highly successful VR games that have garnered us over 30 industry awards.

How can I offer suggestions and participate in the development?

We'd love for you to join our Discord server! We are busy working on this game so might not reply to messages right away, but a producer or game designer definitely checks the chat every day to listen to your feedback and answer questions! Here the link: https://discord.gg/kDVG6qh

Why are you crowdfunding?

While are are backed by venture capital and have enough funding to complete EFAS, there are two reasons for doing crowdfunding while the game is under development. One is that with more funding, we can make the game to be of a much higher quality, with better graphics, better animations, more planets, more NPC characters, etc. The other is that getting player feedback while building a game is incredibly, extremely important. I cannot stress enough how important this is to creating a great game. And there's no better way to get honest, detailed, constructive feedback than getting it from the people who are passionate enough about a game to fund it in its early stages.

When can I start playing?

Once you have become a crowdfunding supporter by making a purchase at the top of this page, we will send you an activation code by email right away. Your game will also receive every piece of new content and polish we add to it every two weeks.

I have received the activation code, how do I play?

Please find the link to download the launcher on the very bottom of the purchase confirmation email. Once you've downloaded the launcher, please use the reset password button to set a password for your account, then log in. You'll then see a big green button that lets you input the activation code.

I have a question/problem, how do I get in touch?

Please join our Discord server! That's the quickest way to chat with our dev team. And we are eager to talk to you. It's never a hassle for us. So whatever question or concern you might have, please do get in touch and we'll make it right! https://discord.gg/kDVG6qh

I'm having trouble with payment, what do I do?

Please join our Discord server! While we fine-tune our systems, issues will occur from time to time, but we are here to serve you and make thing right. https://discord.gg/kDVG6qh